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Remote Care by e.Care Solutions, Inc.

Remote Care Overview

"Remote Care", is a one of a kind Web-based patient tracking and monitoring technology that will aid in reducing health care and operational cost, while meeting government (HIPAA) and insurance requirements. We have designed "Remote Care" to increase care provider response time and improve the quality of home care service. The technology that powers "Remote Care" is reliable and secure. The bullets below provide an overview of some of the "Remote Care" features.
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• Multi-Site and Client Capability
• Web Based Patient Management
• Intuitive User Interface
• Personalized, Role Based Views
   — Patient
   — Physician
   — Nurse
   — Guest
   — Administrator
• Care Pathways Management
• Patient Vital Graphs
• Reports
• Integrated Patient Document Management
• Automated Fetal Monitor Strip Processing
   — Two Graphic Formats
   — PDF – Ideally Suited for 8.5 x 11” Hardcopy
   — PNG – Linear Strip
   — Optional Strip Arrival Notification Alert
   — Optional Strip E-mail Distribution
• Wireless PDA Browsing of Fetal Monitor Strips
• Customer Branding
• Enables Customers to comply with HIPPA
• Data Backup
   — HIPPA Compliant
   — Off-Site
   — Secure
• On Site or Web Based Education
• Technical Support

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